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About Berry Luxury Farm

Our roots run deep, and family-owned Berry Luxury Farm exemplifies our dedication to growing the juiciest, most flavorful raspberries. We specialize in growing the highest quality raspberries that bring joy to our customers and inspire our employees.

Raspberry is not just our business, it is our calling. We pay maximum attention to every stage of cultivation, from choosing raspberry varieties to picking berries. Our raspberries are carefully grown using environmentally friendly methods and natural fertilizers, making them delicious and safe for your health.


Environmental Sustainability

We are proud of our commitment to environmental sustainability. At Berry Luxury Farm we adhere to strict environmental standards. Our growing methods are designed to minimize environmental impact. We actively use modern technologies that help conserve water resources, reduce energy consumption and maintain biodiversity. Our lands are rich in minerals and nutrients, and we work hard to preserve them for future generations.

Our raspberries are a real delight for your taste buds. We guarantee that every berry collected from our bushes is full of unique aroma and natural taste. Produce grown on our farm has a unique sweetness and juiciness that makes it an ideal ingredient for desserts, jams, syrups and many other delicious dishes.

We attach special importance to the quality of our products. At every stage of growing and caring for raspberries, we strive to achieve ideal results. From seed selection and plant care to harvesting, we adhere to the highest standards. This ensures that our customers receive only the best and freshest raspberries, which give indescribable pleasure and joy.

Our top priority is meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. We take pride in our work and strive to provide you with outstanding quality raspberry products. Contact us to learn more about our products and services and how you can enjoy the natural taste of raspberries grown with love and care on our farm.

What varieties do we grow?

At Berry Luxury Farm we grow a variety of raspberry varieties, offering customers a wide selection to suit different taste preferences.

Glenfor: This variety is famous for its rich and sweet flavor. Glenfor berries are large and juicy, and are ideal for fresh consumption, desserts and jams.

Tulamen: It is known for its disease resistance and unpretentiousness. It amazes with its delicate aroma and good endurance during transportation.

Golden Carly: Characterized by golden yellow berries and a delicate sweet flavor. Golden Carly is often used to make desserts and syrups.

Boysenberry: Combines the characteristics of raspberry and blackberry to create a unique flavor. The berries of this variety are popular for making jams, ice cream and baked goods.

Ruby: features beautiful, raspberry-red berries and a rich aroma. It is ideal for fresh consumption and making raspberry desserts.

Glen Ample: has large, aromatic berries and is characterized by high yield. It is ideal for home canning and making jam.

These are just a few examples of the raspberry varieties we grow. We are constantly working to expand our range to offer you the most delicious and high-quality berries.

Raspberry delicacies from Berry Luxury Farm

We take pride in creating a variety of delicacies from our fresh and flavorful berries. Our goal is to provide customers with unique and delicious products that highlight the richness and freshness of this amazing berry.


Raspberry Jam: Our jams are made from fresh raspberries that are hand-selected and brewed with natural sugar. The result is a thick, flavorful raspberry jam that can be used as a filling for sandwiches, croissants or pastries.

Raspberry Syrup: The syrup is an excellent addition to a variety of drinks, including lemonades, smoothies and milkshakes. It gives drinks a sweet berry note and a pleasant aroma.

Raspberry Pie: Our farm's raspberry pies make a great dessert. Our pies are characterized by a delicate dough and an abundance of fresh raspberries in each serving.

Raspberry Ice Cream: Raspberry ice cream is made from our berries and natural ingredients. It has a unique raspberry flavor and texture.

Raspberry Sweets: We also create a variety of raspberry sweets, including jellies, candies and raspberry blades of grass.

All of our raspberry treats are prepared with love and care to preserve the natural raspberry flavor and aroma. We are confident that each product will be a real treat for your taste buds and will add a touch of freshness and sweetness to your daily diet.


Our weekly tastings are a special event that we host for our clients. We invite you to Berry Luxury Farm every week to share with you the taste and aroma of our fresh raspberry delicacies. Here's what you can expect from our tastings:

Variety of products: At the tasting you will be able to try a wide range of our raspberry delicacies, including jams, syrups, pies, ice cream and other sweets. We provide a variety of options to ensure there is something for everyone.

Training, information: Our staff will be happy to share information about the production and preparation of our products. You will learn how we grow raspberries, how we prepare jams and syrups, and what ingredients we use.

Choice: Tasting gives you the opportunity to try different varieties of raspberry products and choose the ones you like best. We value your opinion and want to make sure you are satisfied with our products.

Free participation: Participation in our tastings is absolutely free. This is a great opportunity not only to enjoy the taste of our raspberry delicacies, but also to spend pleasant time outdoors on our farm.

We invite all raspberry and delicacy lovers to our weekly tastings to give you an unforgettable experience of the taste and joy of natural treats. Our doors are always open for you and we look forward to your visit.


We understand that it is not always convenient to visit our farm in person, so we offer convenient delivery options so you can enjoy our fresh raspberry products right in your home.



I love the raspberry jams from this farm! They are so natural and flavorful. With every spoon you feel the freshness and taste of summer raspberries. Thank you!


Raspberry syrup is my favorite! It is ideal for cocktails and desserts. Plus, I appreciate organic products, and the farm did not disappoint. I recommend!


Big fan of this farm's raspberry delicacies. I was especially pleased with the variety of raspberries. Everyone will find something to suit their taste. Quality products!

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